Where It’s At – Album

  1. 1Hell Of A Night
  2. 2To The Sky
  3. 3Halo
  4. 4After Party
  5. 5Where It's At
  6. 6Mind Reader
  7. 7Right Where We Want It
  8. 8She Wants A Cowboy
  9. 9Sing It To Me
  10. 10All Night
  11. 11Middle Of Nowhere
  12. 12World To Me
  13. 13What You Wanna Hear
  14. 14Your Daddy's Boots
  15. 15American Prayer

Where It’s At – Single

  1. 1Where It's At
    It ain't at a high rise
    Looking for a good time
    Shutting down the city lights
    It ain't in the water 
    Floating like a bobber
    Soaking up that hot sunshine
    As good as it gets
    No that ain't where it is

    It's at 2am when she's reaching over
    Faded t-shirt hanging off her shoulder
Dressed up
    Her hair down in a ball cap, yep yep
    As long as I get that
    Sweet little something late night kiss
    On a plane or a train
    Or way back in the sticks
    I swear 
    If she's there
    That's where
    That's where it's at

    It ain't in a suped up 
    Shiny red new truck
    If she ain't to my right
    It ain't in a dive bar
    Tall can of PBR
    Popping tops, rocking all night

    It don't matter wherever we're at
    No it don't get no better than that

Dustin Lynch

  1. 1She Cranks My Tractor
  2. 2Waiting
  3. 3Cowboys and Angels
  4. 4Wild in Your Smile
  5. 5Last Lap
  6. 6Sittin' Pretty
  7. 7Yeah Yeah Yeah
  8. 8Rock You Sweet
  9. 9Unwind It
  10. 10Hurricane
  11. 11Dancing in the Headlights
  12. 12Name On It
  13. 13Your Plan (Bonus Track)